About us

Generation 2.17 born from the union of purposes of two Brazilian friends Cristiani and Mayara. We are Christian mothers. After mistakes and attempts to do something for ourselves, which didn't work out, Our Lord in his infinite kindness directed us to create something that has purpose and touches this Generation.
After a long process of waiting and trying to understand what God was speaking to our hearts, Generation 2.17 was born, whose purpose is to touch, revive and spread the love of God in this generation. Based on Acts of the Apostles 2.17.
We believe that the Lord continues to pour out his Holy Spirit on everyone who believes, we believe in a great revival.
That's why, as obedient servants, we are here to fulfill our purpose and spread God's love through our brand.
We are grateful that you are here helping us spread God's love to this generation.

✞ Generation2.17 
✞ Made to spread God’s love